Welcome to Batik-Surf

Another team member supporting the Always Higher 4.0 world record attempt. A big welcome to batik-surf.com, a brand inspired by the traditional ways of life, culture and art of the many different people on our planet. Batik is not only a surf brand, Batik is the joy of experiences, encounters, journey in some of the […]

Driving projects to completion

How to organize yourself and quadruple your productivity : We will take the example of my challenge. My goal is to sail 500 miles or more, and to reach it I’m using a technique called power-thinking. Power-thinking is the act of breaking down a vision into steps that are necessary to manifest it. In other […]

Discover Your Talents and Develop Them Into Strengths

Develop your talents  Into Strengths You could waste a great deal of your life struggling to succeed withthings that aren’t congruent or in harmony with your natural talents and strengths. You could also waste a great deal of your life struggling to overcomeweaknesses related to areas where you simply don’t have the naturaltalents to do […]

Welcome to our sponsor ALP

We are glad to announce you that ALP (Andaman Leisure Phuket) is part of the team. Since 1999, Andaman Leisure Phuket has prided itself on delivering high quality day trips and overnight trips in the Asian Southeast (Andaman sea). ALP has been leading the industry in Phuket for many years. The day trips and overnight […]

Preparing mind & body

Endurance Sailing and mind power: Stop complaining. Last year when i sailed the Flying Moth i designed and sail-tested it, a Phuket coach Callum helped me get fit. With the exception of a few sessions with him for this new challenge, I decided to take charge of my physical and mental health for the daunting […]