How to organize yourself and quadruple your productivity :

We will take the example of my challenge. My goal is to sail 500 miles or more, and to reach it I’m using a technique called power-thinking. Power-thinking is the act of breaking down a vision into steps that are necessary to manifest it. In other words, it is the process of taking a master plan and figuring out all of the nitty gritty tasks that need to be accomplished to make it happen. How to power-think? First, imagine the end result. What’s the ultimate goal for your idea? What’s the highest level of potential you can reach with it? Take a minute and think about that… Next, break down that ultimate vision into “chapters”. Some of the chapters are Body conditioning, Mind conditioning, sail training, finding sponsors and so on. You need to keep breaking down the main mission until you get to “the Now”…until you get to a task that can be done in “the Now”. This means that you need to keep power-thinking each chapter until you reach the present. You create a sequence of events that needs to be accomplished from the ultimate end result to today.

The Next Step: Putting Together The Timeline Everything I do has a physical movement, from writing to training and even thinking. There’s a physical movement behind each task. Now, it’s time to go to the essence of each task by figuring out the physical movements. All the tasks with similar physical movements will be part of what we call a “Mini Day”. Example :

Emailing X, emailing Y.. – Email

Meeting with A about sponsoring, Meeting B… – Meeting

Cross-fit session, swimming session…. – workout

Calling to B, calling to C…. – Calls

writing a post for the blog, writing a post on Facebook – writing

It doesn’t matter how busy your day is – you will, in the end, find only a handful of physical movements. EACH PHYSICAL MOVEMENT NOW BECOMES A MINI-DAY. This is a new, groundbreaking perspective. Essentially, you will treat each mini-day as a “day” in itself. When the mini-day is over, you move on to the next mini-day and keep going. With this concept you will quadruple your productivity. You’re eliminating 80% or more of the “lost time” switching from one physical movement to the next. Dozens of hours a week are “lost” when people go from phone calls to emails and then back to emails and then doing a meeting and making another call. More importantly, the momentum factor is lost when operating in a traditional schedule.

The momentum factor is when you get in the “groove” of something. Some people call it a “flow state”. Essentially, you’re moving along almost without effort. Things get done quickly and efficiently. This is the maximum productivity zone.

In another post we will see how to plan Out Mini-Days as you will need to allot appropriate amounts of time for each one.

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